Thursday, December 12, 2013


We want to thank our volunteers who made it possible.  Its amazing the amount of work it takes to pull off these events each year.

Designing our new pamphlet
Figuring out how to set up lighting
Working with the Park Service and the Advisory Commission
Writing grants
Meetings, meetings, meetings
Recruiting volunteers
Our main misssion: Conducting tours

So thanks to Judy, Mary, John S., John B., Joe L., Karl, Pat, Rob

We had a great season in 2013.

For all of us, the tours are our passion.

Have a great holiday season.  

See you in 2014.

100_0166 We go in dark places

100_0055 Some of us smile

100_0239 This is it!

100_0247 A happy work crew

100_0244 Superman?

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